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Top 5 Virology Solution Companies in UK - 2021


Virology has received significant attention as an area of study and research, with researchers learning about the transmission of viruses including HIV, Ebola, influenza, Zica, and SARS or SARS-CoV-2, commonly known as the coronavirus. Scientists are scrambling to keep up with coronavirus variants that appear to be evolving at an alarming rate, spreading and adapting to the most cutting-edge treatments. As a response, the need for efficient, comprehensive, and robust diagnostic procedures has never been higher. Traditional clinical tests are being enhanced constantly, however, they still provide limited information. With this objective, many virology technology companies are helping virologists develop evidence-based best practices to develop quicker, simpler, and more reliable vaccines.

This year is undeniably turning out to be a promising one in terms of technological advancements. Numerous technological advances have already yielded success, as seen by the growing technological vaccines and diagnostics developed by various corporations to aid humanity in containing the Covid-19 crisis. Efforts have been made on tools and approaches that are creating a buzz in the virology domain, ranging from vaccine breakthroughs to olfaction, neurology to mass spectrometry.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of virology tech solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed solution providers, Pharma Tech Outlook Europe has compiled a list of the leading players in the field. This edition also offers thought leadership from subject-matter experts on the industry trends, best practices, and recent innovations.

We present Pharma Tech Outlook Europe’s “Top 5 Virology Solution Providers in UK 2021”.

    Top Virology Solution Companies in UK

  • Headquartered in Oxfordshire, Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd. (OET) is a biotechnology company and centre of excellence for recombinant protein expression. At its core, OET offers flashBAC™ technology that greatly simplifies the production of high quality recombinant protein in insect cells. flashBAC™ technology is amenable to mass production of protein targets, whereas, in the early days, it was only feasible to attempt one or two at a time. This opens up the way to studying protein function via the generation of mutants for simultaneous analysis. More importantly, one company has developed a COVID-19 vaccine using flashBAC™ technology, which has recently completed Phase 3 trials successfully. The UK government has also pre-ordered several million doses

  • AstraZeneca


    AstraZeneca is a multinational, science-driven biopharmaceutical company that provides breakthrough treatment to millions of people across the world. The company is focused on the delivery of life-changing medications that are fueling growth and adding value to patients and society, and is driven by creative research and entrepreneurial culture. Having a long-standing dedication to patients, the company has reimagined patient-focused methods of working, embedding it across every area of the business to offer the healthcare experience and outcomes people care about most so they may live full lives. AstraZeneca is experimenting with new patient-centric models by collaborating with health systems to optimize care delivery

  • Exhalation Medical Technology

    Exhalation Medical Technology

    Exhalation Medical Technology (EMT) was established in 2011 with the goal of conducting research on exhaled breath markers. The business aims to make viral testing quick, accurate, and simple, with fast results at the point of care and no need for sample handling or laboratory equipment. EMT's technology is based on the Inflammacheck®, the only device on the market that collects exhaled breath condensate, or EBC, and tests for chemicals directly in it at the point of care. Inflammacheck® was repurposed by the business to allow Corona screening in a comparable process.

  • Leyden Labs

    Leyden Labs

    Leyden Labs is dedicated to assisting individuals in living their lives to the fullest. Their platform focuses on viral family similarities in order to safeguard mankind from current and future diseases. The company's portfolio of intranasal pharmaceutical candidates may give patients the ability to quickly defend themselves from and prevent the spread of a variety of respiratory viruses, including influenza and coronavirus strains. The Leyden Labs dynamic team of world-renowned biotechnology veterans and new talent is devoted to thinking differently in order to free humanity from respiratory virus load

  • Virtus Respiratory Research

    Virtus Respiratory Research

    Professor Sebastian Johnston and Dr Michael Edwards, directors of VirTus Respiratory Research Ltd (VirTus), have 25 years of experience in virus studies, including human virus challenge studies in over 450 healthy volunteers, patients with asthma and allergies, smokers, and, most notably, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Preclinical in vitro and in vivo viral investigations, as well as human virus challenge research, are available from VirTus for proof of concept, proof of mechanism, and early clinical trials in healthy volunteers as well as asthma and COPD patients